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Studies on the effect of immunostimulants on shrimp and prawn are still at an infant stage. ß-glucan have received attention in recent years for their ability to increase disease resistance in shrimp and prawn because the limitation of the specific immune response of these animals and the nature of the disease agents make the development of effective vaccine impractical. ß-glucan have been successfully used to increase the resistance of Penaeus japonicus against vibriosis [ 94 ], further studies using Penaeus monodon showed protection against vibriosis, white spot syndrome virus and Vibrio damsela and V. harveyi [ Laurence Dacade Badely Spiked Ankle Boots Sale Official Site U2NKO9csU
] and also enhancement of survival and immunity during brood stock rearing [ 96 ]. All these effects were caused by direct impact on haemocytes via stimulation of phagocytosis, cell adhesion and superoxide anion [ 97 ]. Surprisingly the glucan-induced resistance is maternally transmitted [ 98 ]. Surprising data has been obtained in the fresh water crayfish Pacifastatus lenieusculus . The injection of glucan caused a shortterm severe loss of haemocytes, followed by a rapid recovery due to accelerated release of cells from the haematopoietic organs.

Macrobrachium rosenbergii post larvae showed enhanced growth and resistance to V. alginolyticus by dietary administration of ß-glucan. Cheng et al. [ 99 ] reported that dietary administration of sodium alginate enhances the immune ability of white shrimp L. vannamei and increase its resistance against V. alginolyticus infection. Vitamin C has also plays a key role in animal health as an antioxidant by inactivating damaging free radicals producing through normal cellular activity and diverse stressors. Lightner et al. [ 100 ] reported that inadequate dietary levels of vitamin C in juvenile shrimp may result in black dead syndrome, reduced growth rates, poor feed conversion ratios, decreased resistance to stress and reduced capability to heal wounds. According to Merchie et al. [ 101 ], vitamin C plays a role as immunostimulants, as evidenced by the ability of P. monodon postlarvae and juveniles to avoid baculovirus and to resist disease caused by V. harveyi and saline shock. However, the mode of action of vitamin C as an immunostimulant is not clear, although its antioxidant role and in consequence cell protection could be a mechanism to preserve haemocytes, improving the general immunological system of shrimp. Therefore results suggest that although the shrimp immune system is nonspecific, it would be possible to enhance disease resistance against pathogens in shrimp by careful and regular use of immunostimulants.

Immunostimulants appear to be most promising and useful tools for prophylactic treatment of farmed fish and shrimp. It is safer than chemotherapeutics and their range of efficacy is wider than vaccination. However, these compounds will not replace vaccines proper nutrition or good management techniques. The strength of these compounds appear to lie in their ability to enhance larval culture before the specific immune system matures and the animals can be vaccinated and able to improve nonspecific immune function against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

6) In discussing alternative hypotheses of the mechanism of cortical inhibition, including disynaptic thalamocortical inhibition (see Discussion, paragraph four) and disynaptic corticocortical inhibition (see Discussion, paragraph six), you should include relevant literature (e.g. rat in vivo thalamic stimulation), instead of marginally related work (slice studies that used white-matter or cortical stimulation, hippocampal studies, etc.). Care should also be taken to cite the literature accurately. For example, you argue that "central thalamus at different frequencies can lead to distinct behavioral responses" and cite Morison and Dempsey (1942), but Dempsey and Morison did not study behavior. Galarreta and Hestrin (1998) did not study thalamocortical responses (please correct this in the subsection “Central thalamus stimulation frequency controls cortical excitation/inhibition balance”).

References cited:

Cruikshank, S.J., H. Urabe, A.V. Nurmikko, and B.W. Connors, Pathway-specific feedforward circuits between thalamus and neocortex revealed by selective optical stimulation of axons. Neuron, 2010. 65( 2 ): p. 230-45.

Galarreta, M. and S. Hestrin, Frequency-dependent synaptic depression and the balance of excitation and inhibition in the neocortex. Nat Neurosci, 1998. 1( 7 ): p. 587-94.

[Editors’ note: the author responses to the first round of peer review follow.]

We were very pleased to see that two of the three reviewers found our manuscript suitable for publication, with such comments as “This work has several important contributions,” “The work has enormous translational potential,” and “The study is relevant for both basic neuroscience… and also for the applied, clinical implications.”

We have fully addressed the few criticisms offered by the reviewers through additional clarification in writing, experiments, and analyses in the attached revised manuscript. Below, we provide a point-by-point response to the comments by Reviewers #2 and #3. In the instances where we omitted citing key literature, we sincerely apologize for the oversight and have addressed the issue carefully.

Given the overwhelmingly positive reviews from two of the three reviewers, and our direct rectification of the two issues noted in our rejection letter (frequency vs. pulse width effects, and interpretation of zona incerta recordings) with additional experiments, we request the opportunity to have this revised manuscript re-evaluated by the reviewers.

We thank the reviewer for their critical feedback of our writing and have revised the manuscript accordingly to address the listed concerns. Specifically, in the Introduction, we provide context for our investigation of zona incerta, citing prior demonstrations of its influence on attention and arousal, and explain that its possible involvement in central thalamus arousal circuits has not yet been studied. Furthermore, in the Abstract, we more explicitly justify the investigation as one to explore the mechanism underlying the negative BOLD signal observed in cortex.

1. Stores that sell physical goods

These are your typical online retailers. They can include apparel stores, homeware businesses, and gift shops, just to name a few. Stores that sell physical goods showcase the items online and enable shoppers to add the things they like in their virtual shopping carts. Once the transaction is complete, the store typically ships the orders to the shopper,though a growing number of retailers are implementing initiatives such as in-store pickup.

Some examples of these ecommerce stores include eyewear retailer Warby Parker , menswear store Bonobos , and shoe retailer MID GTX Walking boots black/firebirdred Discounts Online REpy0

2. Service-based e-tailers

Services can also be bought and sold online. Online consultants, educators, and freelancers are usually the ones engaging in ecommerce.

The buying process for services depends on the merchant. Some may allow you to purchase their services straightaway from their website or platform. An example of this comes from , a freelance marketplace. People who want to buy services from Fiverr must place an order on the website before the seller delivers their services.

Some service providers, on the other hand, require you to get in touch with them first (i.e. book a consultation) to determine your needs. Web design company Blue Fountain Media is one example of a business that does this.

3. Digital products

Ecommerce is, by nature, highly digital, so it’s no surprise that many merchants sell “e-goods” online. Common types of digital products include ebooks, online courses, software, graphics, and virtual goods.

Examples of merchants that sell digital products are Shutterstock (a site that sells stock photos), Jazz lowtop sneakers Discount Best Place Outlet Cheap Authentic Buy Authentic Online Big Discount Cheap Online pgcVUYd
(a platform for online courses), and Slack (a company that provides real-time messaging, archiving and search for teams).

Another effective way to classify ecommerce sites? Look at the parties participating in the transaction. These typically include:

1. Business to consumer (B2C) – Transactions happen between businesses and consumers. In B2C ecommerce, businesses are the ones selling products or services to end-users (i.e. consumers).

Online retail typically works on a B2C model. Retailers with online stores such as Gianvito Rossi Marnie Leather Booties Supply Extremely Online DbNlOGS16p
, Macy’s , and are all examples of businesses that engage in B2C ecommerce.

2. Business to business (B2B) – As its name states, B2B ecommerce pertains to transactions conducted between two businesses. Any company whose customers are other businesses operate on a B2B model.


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View the story of the true omnichannel offering that allows you to sell in-store, online and on-the-go.

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Save time, money, and hassle. You’ll only need one login, all of your reports are in one place, and with our seamless inventory syncing you’ll never worry about double selling again.


The features you need for retail today.

Designed for retailers new to ecommmerce right through to online experts.

Online store

Beautiful responsive themes.

Choose a website design from one of the several on our growing Theme Store, all optimized to look great on any device or screen size.

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Let customers buy from you even when they’re on the go thanks to store designs built with mobile phones and tablets in mind.

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Customize the look of your online store and add pages whenever you want. No need to be a design expert or coder with our simple content management tools.

Editable HTML and CSS.

Customize your online store to your heart’s content by directly editing the HTML and CSS.

Shopping cart selling options

Secure shopping cart.

Protect your customers’ credit card information throughout the checkout process and make it safe for them to shop with you.

Flexible shipping rates.

Easily set flat rates by shipment or by item, or flexible shipping rates depending on basket size. You can even offer free shipping and customize your rates by country and region.

Pick up in-store.

Click Collect lets customers buy items online and pick them up in-store at their own convenience — no delivery, no tracking, no waiting.

Payment gateways.

Start making money right away with world-leading secure payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe and DPS.

Customizable taxes.

Adjust taxes by country and region. You can also automatically pull the tax options you’re using from Vend point of sale and display online prices with or without tax.

Store management

Order management.

Painlessly fulfill orders and maintain accurate stock, with an online inventory seamlessly integrated with your brick mortar store.

Automated emails.

Get email alerts when you receive new orders, and keep your customers updated with email notifications and tracking information.

Inventory management

One central product catalog.

Save hours of admin by only managing a single product catalog for both your physical and online stores.

Perfect inventory sync.

Never over-sell and always know what’s in stock with painless inventory syncing across your online and brick mortar stores.

Product photos and descriptions.

Create an engaging shopping experience. Show off your products from all angles and provide your customers with all the info they need to make a purchase.

Online collections.

Help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for by organizing your products by type, brand, season, category or however you choose.

Discounts and promotions.

Easily tailor discounts and promotions across all your stores including your online one with Vend price books.

No product limit.

Sell whatever you want online, no matter how many products you have.

Customer management

Customer accounts.

Make it convenient for customers to keep shopping with you. They can create an account to save their preferences, or have the freedom to checkout easily as a guest.

Single customer profile across all your channels.

Keep all your customer information in one place – whether they shop with you in-store, online, or both.


Search engine optimized themes.

Get your store on top of search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to find you. All our themes are built using best-in-class SEO practices.

Social media integration.

Engage with your customers even more and promote your wares, by easily linking to the social networks you love to use.

Email marketing.

Gather customer details online to build your database, and then export the list to your favourite email marketing platform to stay in touch.

Hosting security

Worry-free hosting.

We take care of everything, including daily backups and around the clock monitoring so you can be sure your store is up and running 24/7.

Instant upgrades.

We’ve got exciting new features already planned for Vend Ecommerce, and you’ll get them straight away as part of your existing Vend plan.

Your domain name.

Bring your own domain to ensure it matches your brand, or we can provide you a custom subdomain for free.

256-bit SSL certificate.

Fraud is no fun. That’s why we protect your customers important information with a secure shopping environment, especially when they’re paying.

Reporting analytics

In-depth sales reports.

Drill down into the numbers with powerful insights on all aspects of your business. Break it down by online or brick mortar, or get the total picture with Vend reporting.

Convenient order reports.

Stay on top of everything and know exactly how many orders are still open, which ones are being processed, and which ones have been shipped.

Cart conversions.

See how many shoppers have visited your online store and understand exactly where they are dropping off during the checkout process so you can maximize future sales.

Google Analytics.

Plug in Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and get additional insights on your website’s performance.

Education Support

24/7 customer support.

We’re always here to help with our award-winning 24/7 support. Get in touch with us by email, chat and social, or get the answers to your all your ecommerce questions from our Help Center.

Vend Ecommerce webinars.

Jump on one of our regular webinars to learn how to create an online store in minutes and see how it seamlessly syncs with your point of sale.

Vend U.

Learn at your own pace and enroll in our online courses to help you and your staff set up your ecommerce store, and get tons of tricks and tips about how to grow your online sales.

Vend professional services.

Get one-on-one support, tailored setup and training sessions from a dedicated Launch Specialist to help you become a successful omnichannel retailer.

Vend Experts.

Find a Vend Expert in your area to get help setting up your online store. They’ll visit you on-site, give you and your staff training, and offer you custom solutions to fit your business needs.

Choose from one of our many elegant and effective themes to build your online store.

Customize your online store with imagery, brand colors, logos, and social media links.

Or, you can choose to have a designer make something custom, just for your business.

Retailers are loving Vend Ecommerce.

Vend Ecommerce allows us to be a true omnichannel retailer. With all of our reports and inventory in one place it saves us hours a week, and lets us know more than ever before.

Ingrid Starnes Auckland, New Zealand

With the launch of Vend Ecommerce, we plan to increase our sales by 20%. Vend Ecommerce is amazing because I don’t need to be a web expert, it’s so easy to use, and it’s so plug-and-play that you can easily attain a site, no matter who you are.

Christina Ruiz, TopShelf Style San Francisco, USA

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